Ms. Mead Al Emadi

When we opened a Cosmedic center for dermatology and plastic surgeries, it was with a clear objective in establishing an integrated center that offers all that a woman needs in the world of health and beauty.

In our center, we believe that beauty has no limits or classification.

Therefore we worked to provide you with a team of the best specialists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons as an integrated team to take care of your beauty.

Here you will find the latest technology, medical devices, and cosmetic techniques to highlight your beauty in a unique way. Their work is a celebration of your beauty and uniqueness with great care and unrivaled.

In Cosmedic we believe that your beauty has a magical story.. come and let’s discover it together.

Mission - Vision - Values

Our Mission is to provide the best plastic surgery, dermatology, and cosmetology procedures with state-of-the-art technology combined with the best patient care approach.

Our Vision is to lead the way of being the most innovative plastic surgery and dermatology center in the GCC countries.

Cosmedic Center Doha also reaches doctors from around the globe with specialized training in cutting-edge technologies, ensuring the finest care and most up-to-date techniques for the patients here in Qatar.

Our values are clear and non-compromising; Patient Focus, Transparency, Respect, and Integrity.